Thermal Imaging Surveys London

Thermal ImagingThermal Imaging Surveys save on costs, as the specific area leaking can be located through thermographic inspection and thus repaired without having to disrupt the rest of the roof or replace the roof unnecessarily.

Thermal Survey reports include:

  • Overview page: – Summarises problems found through thermographic inspection on site in order of severity. This overview page can be sorted per site or per organisation if required.
  • Inspection: – Details the conditions of the report and the inventory equipment used.
  • Problems: – This shows all problems found on site and can be sorted by various different orders such as severity.
  • Baselines: – All images captured of panels inspected are held in our records providing a comprehensive archive of all equipment. These baseline references are added to each periodic inspection and give the unique ability to trend between the inspections; this assists Predictive Maintenance Schedules.All images taken can, if requested, be provided on CD for later in house reference.
  • Solutions/ Future Required Action: – A detailed description of future required action or a specification of restoration/ remedial works.

Upon contacting Building Response:

  1. Our friendly and efficient office team will take your information, and provide you with a client reference number; this will appear upon all correspondence.
  2. Once we have established the nature of your call / email, and whether it is an emergency or not, we will then act accordingly. We will require confirmatory notification of requirement for our specialist to attend site prior to attendance and inspection. This is so we can identify the type of thermal imaging surveys required.
  3. Our thermographers travel to site and carry out either Qualitative or Quantitative  thermal imaging surveys, depending on the nature of the work and the clients instruction. The information gathered is recording, making reference to image numbers, equipment locations and details, load readings, temperatures, anomalies, and suspected root causes. In addition, our IR Thermographers will record an IR and DC image of every panel inspected which opens a trending programme on the equipment; a base line for later reference. It also satisfies insurers that the job has been completed appropriately.
  4. On completion of thermal imaging surveys, our thermographer will issue an IR Thermography report to the maintenance supervisor and make them aware of problems, specifically critical issues that require immediate notification. Within 72 hours following the survey, Building Response will provide the full IR Thermography report via email in .pdf format unless otherwise request. Swifter turnaround times are available upon request.

Thermal Imaging Surveys in London & Surrounds

To learn more about thermal imaging surveys and how they can help you maintain your home better, call Building Response today. We have the equipment and experience necessary to identify underlying maintenance issues that can lead to expensive and unforeseen maintenance costs. Whether it be a Leak Detection Survey, an underfloor heating survey, a damp survey, or an energy efficiency survey, contact us today and see how we can assist you.

Call us today on 07743371384 and learn how thermal imaging surveys can help you.

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