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Emergency Dehumidifier Hire/Rental From Building Response

It is of utmost importance to act quickly after a flood. Fast action up front will save a lot of time and money later. If you are responding on your own, local supplies of crucial materials like disinfectants, pumps, generators, and flood drying equipment will run out quickly if your area is widely affected. Unfortunately, too many people wait too long because they erroneously believe that they’ll need to show their Insurance Loss Adjuster how bad the damage is before they start to clean up.

Sadly, on the other hand some people will actually react too quickly after discovering a flooded area, and attempt to dry out their affected belongings using an abundance of heaters. Besides creating an unnecessary fire risk, heating many building materials while soaked with water can cause negative side effects, such as shape distortion, surface cracking or peeling with plaster and paints, or twisting and warping of wood materials.

Building Response offer one of the most cost effective and inexpensive dehumidifier hire/ rental and air mover hire services in and around London. Our prices are listed below.

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Dehumidifier Hire & Air Mover Hire

……………………….. Dehumidifier Unit …………………….. Description Weekly Cost
ARIDA 1500 Refrigerant Dehumidifier (Pump Out) (Class 1 water) 35 – 45 Litres per day @ saturation.  Height: 880 Width: 520, Depth: 495 mm.  Power Consumption: 627 WattsThe Arida 1500 P dehumidifier has the added benefit of a built in pump out system. £80
ARIDA 1500 – Refrigerant Dehumidifier (Bucket) (Class 1 water) 35 – 45 Litres per day @ saturation.  Height: 880 Width: 520, Depth: 495 mm.Power Consumption: 627 Watts £80
EBAC Kompact – Refrigerant Dehumidifier. (Class 4 water) 18 – 20 Litres per day @ saturation.  Height: 615 Width: 508, Depth: 488 mm. Power Consumption: 750 Watts. Hire the Ebac Konpact refrigerant dehumidifier capable of extracting between 18 – 20 Litres of moisture per day @ saturation. £70
Phoenix 200 – Refrigerant Dehumidifier (Class 1 water)

40 – 48 Litres per day @ saturation. Height: 1016, Width: 508, Depth: 457 mm.  Power Consumption: 851 Watts. The Phoenix 200 MAX is one of the most effective and versatile drying devices available on the market; it is considered the ultimate in low grain refrigerant dehumidification.

ARIDA AD 430 – Refrigerant Dehumidifier (Class 3 water) 15 – 25 Litres per day @ saturation.  Height: 550, Width: 300, Depth: 400 mm. Power Consumption: 275 Watts. The compact AD 430 air dehumidifier works using the condensation principle and has a simple but robust design. The casing is made of coated sheet steel with a high-quality stainless steel finish. Two carrying bars make it easier to transport, and the unit stands safely on four feet. £70
ASE 300 Desiccant Dehumidifier (Class 1-3 water) 26 Litres per day@saturation. Height: 370, Width: 333, Depth: 430 mm. Power Consumption: 1040 Watts. The latest generation of adsorption dryers, energy-saving and powerful. Convenient, compact, robust stainless steel construction. Built-in hydrostat in the intake enables precision drying. Up to 30% less power consumption with the same dehumidifying performance as conventional units without ECODRY rotors. £90
Heat Trailer Extremely fast drying machine! Hire the HEAT TRAILER! This is the ultimate machine for time restricted drying. The trailer comes with a mounted drying system, its own on board fuel tank for up to 48 hours continuous drying, and heat and extraction slinky style flues. The most effective & efficient drying tool available on the market today; this equipment can reduce standard drying times by up to 90%! £1089 per day
Vortex Axial Fan Powerful air mover, drying aid and for moisture disruption. Height: 530, Width: 430, Depth: 500 mm.  Power Consumption: 966 Watts.  The Vortex axial fan is a great choice for any high velocity ventilating applications. The 1.0 hp motor rotates the 12 inch fan at 3,450 RPM, and can move air up to 125 feet with the optional ducting attachment. Place it in a doorway to circulate air throughout an entire room, use for manhole or commercial fishing vessel ventilation, or to dry-out crawl spaces. The Vortex operates on a 115 volt circuit, and is stackable for easy storage and transport. £50
Axial Fan Gentle air mover, drying aid and ample for swiftly drying screeds and self leveling compounds. Height: 620, Width: 240, Depth: 570 mm.  Power Consumption: 150 Watts This robust & portable fan is ideal for the effective movement of large volumes of air in numerous locations, both domestic and commercial. 20″ (508mm) fully enclosed, 3 blade high velocity impeller 3 speed control. Robust tilt stand for direction of air flow. Durable all-steel construction frame & fan guard with carry handle. £15
Turbo Fan Powerful air mover, drying aid and for moisture disruption and carpet/ floor drying. Height: 530, Width: 430, Depth: 500 mm.  Power Consumption: 456 Watts.  Turbo fans are for fast and professional drying of carpets, floors, walls, ceiling and furnishings after cleaning or flood restoration. The extremely high air flow helps water evaporation, drying wet surfaces within a much faster time. Aerodynamically designed to minimise air friction and noise. 4 drying positions to suit ALL drying requirements. £25
RX 3000 Air Scrubber Portable Air
Scrubbers carry air filtration to an even higher level than negative air machines by utilising 3-stage Filtration
Hire  the RX 3000 Air Scrubbee which cleans 5000 Meters of air per hour. With user-friendly and versatile features, the RX 500 Air Scrubber is ideal for handling indoor air quality needs on every restoration job. Any job that involves sewage, mould, or fire damage clearly involves significant amounts of particulates and smelly gasses a direct result of the damage itself. £220
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Our response time is between 4 and 48 hours depending on demand. We aim to have dehumidifiers with you the same day.

The Advantages of Professional Dehumidifier Hire

Dehumidifier hire from Building Response is your best bet in flood drying equipment.

Unwanted moisture is extracted from your structure by means of water’s natural transfer from solid-state wet surfaces into dry air. This process is done carefully so as to not be forced too quickly so dried surfaces are free of the damage often associated with heating.

Emergency dehumidifier hire from Building Response is also one of the most energy efficient methods available to recover from a flood, so we offer a substantially lower-cost alternative to drying with expensive heating energy.

Dehumidifier Hire London & the Surrounds

The length of time that a building takes to dry out is very difficult to predict just from a standard formula; it will be affected by a number of variables including the type and thickness of the building materials and how long they have been in contact with the water. The best way to know when it’s safe to resume normal operations in your home or business is to use a humidity meter. That’s that, you don’t have a humidity meter of your own just lying around?

Don’t worry, we do! Just contact us today at Building Response.

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