Cracked Windowsill. Collapsed Windowsill. Concrete Windowsill Split and Fallen Away in NW1, Camden.

The following is an example of our Building Response hazard and safety emergency call out inspections. We responded within 25 minutes of receiving the call to NW1, Camden, and were able to assess and determine the probably cause and likely progression of the collapse of a concrete windowsill (originally suspected to be a stone windowsill).

Concrete windowsill edge fallen away in Camden NW1





Following our investigation of your fallen stone window sill on the 17th of June 2011 in Camden we have determined the following:

● The sill is a moulded concrete sill.

● The centre of the sill appears to be still supported by concrete arms that extend from the wall andinto the mould.

● The corner that fell off was completely unsupported by any concrete arms and was quite simplybonded to the wall, reliant on the integrity of the concrete arms supporting the bulk of the sill.It would be fair to assume that all of the window sills on this building are built like this. This does not however mean that they will all collapse. We believe the reason for the sill edge’s break awaywas directly related to the heavy rain that we have experienced of recent. However, not just this onedownpour, but a continual battering for a lengthy period of time. Please refer to the image on the nextpage to support the following information.The image below shows several things of detriment to the integrity of the masonry work on the outsideof the building.

● The gutter clips are designed to keep the gutter straight, support it when weighed down with debrisand water, and keep it tight underneath the roof pitch. This image shows too few gutter clips inplace and what can be seen as a direct result of this, is warping in the guttering above.

● The warping in the guttering has allowed gaps to form between the gutter board and the gutteringand thus water rolls off of the roof and simply plummets down the front of the building.

● The first red circle on the image clearly shows one of these gaps.

● This gap is directly above where the sill split and fell.

● The second red circle shows water damage staining on the wall in line with this gap; this addsfurther evidential weight to our theory.

● The third red circle highlights a crack appearing in the same place as where the window sill above has broken away; we predict that this may be one of the next places to split and fall away.

Although the center of the window sills are supported and appear to be safe from collapse, thecorners on some of the window sills appear to have taken a beating by falling water. This could have been happening for many years, gradually weakening and damaging these areas. It is thereforerecommended that the remedial works be carried out, and sooner rather than later.

Following analysis of the photographs, particularly from the outside ofthe property, these potential hazards have been identified. We would like to offer our services for the reparation works to the property. Such works are not uncommon and we have experience dealing with such repair and maintenance works. If you would like to contact us, we would be happy to reattend the property to conduct further assessments of, and estimate for, the required remedial works to ensure that these hazards are thwarted, repaired, and fixed. Upon request, we can also supply all other photographs taken during the initial inspection.

Windowsill split, cracked and fallen away through water damage

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